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"Fans of police procedurals will appreciate the skillful, character-driven story that culminates in a fascinating conclusion to multiple cases."

    - Library Journal starred review

"(A) superior regional series . . . Booth skillfully combines police procedural elements with a sharp focus on the families and professional lives of her protagonists."

    - Publishers Weekly

"A pleasing procedural with thoughtful characters and . . . plot twists to keep you guessing." - Kirkus Reviews

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Fatal Divisions

"(A) fascinating and complex plot . . . readers will hope Hank has a long career ahead of him."

    - Publishers Weekly

Booth's "ability to sketch believable characters is strong, making us understand people, especially cool and superstrong Sheila." - Kirkus Reviews

Claire Booth

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A Deadly Turn, named one of the Best Books of 2019 by Reader's Digest!

"Booth knows exactly what she's doing . . . a deeply satisfying conclusion." - Booklist

"The latest in Booth's Hank Worth series balances well-developed characters and dry humor with a solid police procedural." - Library Journal starred review

"Booth's complex characters drive the plot, and Branson provides a colorful yet subtly dangerous background. Regional mystery fans will be well satisfied." - Publishers Weekly

"Many moving parts ultimately reward the reader's attention."

     - Kirkus Reviews

Elderly tourists visiting Branson, Missouri for a fun time are instead becoming so sick and disoriented they end up in the ER with Dr Maggie McCleary. She asks the sheriff to investigate and, because he happens to be her husband, Hank Worth readily agrees.

When the tour operator denies responsibility, Hank digs deeper leaving Chief Deputy Sheila Turley to handle a simmering revolt within the ranks. Their policy to eliminate overtime pay has infuriated many long-time deputies. Those fired for insubordination have filed a lawsuit, while those still there sabotage Sheila at every turn.

With pressure mounting, they're called to a hit-and-run accident. But the victim's injuries haven't been caused by a car . . . she's been beaten to death and dumped by the side of the road. And she was someone they knew.

Will the victim's aggressive business dealings come to haunt them all? And can Hank and Sheila save their department from destruction?