Claire Booth

"Fans of police procedurals will appreciate the skillful, character-driven story that culminates in a fascinating conclusion to multiple cases."

    - Library Journal starred review

"(A) superior regional series . . . Booth skillfully combines police procedural elements with a sharp focus on the families and professional lives of her protagonists."

    - Publishers Weekly

"A pleasing procedural with thoughtful characters and . . . plot twists to keep you guessing." - Kirkus Reviews

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Fatal Divisions

"Booth knows exactly what she's doing . . . a deeply satisfying conclusion."

   - Booklist

"The latest in Booth's Hank Worth series balances well-developed characters and dry humor with a solid police procedural."

   - Library Journal starred review

"Booth's complex characters drive the plot, and Branson provides a colorful yet subtly dangerous background. Regional mystery fans will be well satisfied."

   - Publishers Weekly

Branson Sheriff Hank Worth is one of the first on the scene of a mass casualty incident - a local fireworks warehouse has exploded, killing everyone inside. As over a dozen victims are pulled from the smoldering ruins, the painstaking identification process begins.

Chief Deputy Sheila Turley returns early from medical leave to assist in the office, while Hank delves deeper into the increasingly complicated situation at the morgue. He discovers that the previous forensic pathologist was hasty at best and negligent at worst. What starts as an offhand request to look into the errors turns into a discovery that shakes Hank's world off its axis . . .

With Hank secretly investigating his discovery at the morgue, his short-handed team is stretched to the brink as it investigates the cause of the explosion. Then a shocking revelation leaves Sheila and her fellow deputies scrambling for answers to an unexpected crime. Just what happened in the warehouse in the moments before the blast? Can they unravel the mysteries in time to save Branson from yet more heartbreak? And can Hank, adrift and alone, figure out what happened before it destroys everything he holds dear?

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"Outstanding" - Library Journal starred review

"Excellent" - Kirkus Reviews

"Booth was a crime reporter before turning to fiction, and it shows. . . A fine novel." - Booklist

"(A) fascinating and complex plot . . . readers will hope Hank has a long career ahead of him."

    - Publishers Weekly

Booth's "ability to sketch believable characters is strong, making us understand people, especially cool and superstrong Sheila." - Kirkus Reviews

Dangerous Consequences

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