Hank Worth has always been committed to his job as Branson sheriff, so getting him to take a break is difficult. But to everyone's surprise he agrees to take time off after a grueling case and visit a friend in Columbia, Missouri, leaving Chief Deputy Sheila Turley in charge. She quickly launches reforms that create an uproar, and things deteriorate even further when an elderly man is found brutally murdered in his home.

As Sheila struggles for control of the investigation and her insubordinate deputies, Hank is not relaxing as promised. His Aunt Fin is worried her husband is responsible for the disappearance of one of his employees, and Hank agrees to investigate. The search for the missing woman leads to a tangle of deceit that Hank is determined to unravel . . . no matter the impact on his family.

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A Deadly Turn,

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"(A) fascinating and complex plot . . . readers will hope Hank has a long career ahead of him."

    - Publishers Weekly

Booth's "ability to sketch believable characters is strong, making us understand people, especially cool and superstrong Sheila."

    - Kirkus Reviews

Claire Booth

"Fans of police procedurals will appreciate the skillful, character-driven story that culminates in a fascinating conclusion to multiple cases." - Library Journal starred review

"(A) superior regional series . . . Booth skillfully combines police procedural elements with a sharp focus on the families and professional lives of her protagonists."

    - Publishers Weekly

"A pleasing procedural with thoughtful characters and . . . plot twists to keep you guessing." - Kirkus Reviews